Dental Negligence Claims

Dental Negligence Claims

Many people don’t realise that if they suffer an injury as a result of dental treatment that they can make a dental negligence claim against their dentist. As with any medical professional, when you attend your dentist for treatment you expect them to provide you with the correct treatment when appropriate so that future problems can be prevented. Unfortunately, once a mistake has been made it often cannot be remedied because damage to or loss of a tooth is permanent.

All dentists are expected to provide clinically satisfactory treatment and to act with reasonable skill and care when doing so. If the dentist fails to do something or does something that they shouldn’t then they can be considered to be negligent.

Types of dental negligence claims

Here are examples of the types of dental negligence:

Dental negligence is a complex and specialist area and therefore you want to make sure that you are speaking to someone who understands all the issues relevant in your case. For more information or to see if you have a dental negligence claim, contact one of our dental negligence specialists at Pryers Solicitors.