Medical Negligence Claims

Medical Negligence Claims - The Procedure 

Medical Negligence Claims | Clinical Negligence SolicitorsAt Pryers Solicitors LLP we have a wealth of experience in handling medical negligence claims.

This section outlines your rights as a patient and explains how to pursue a claim for compensation. It also outlines the various complaints procedures available and lists organisations who will be able to help you.

Medical Negligence claims are made up of a series of hurdles. If you do not clear one hurdle then you do not move onto the next.

The first step is to obtain the medical notes, records, x-rays, scans etc and check them. We have assistance from expert nurses to assist in the collation of these records. Specialist medical experts will then be instructed to consider whether or not the treatment was negligent, and if it was, what damage the treatment has caused.

At the same time as the above, we are in correspondence with the Defendant’s solicitor in trying to persuade them that there is a case in medical negligence.

Clinical Negligence cases can often be settled by negotiation without the need to proceed to a full trial. If it is not possible to settle the claim through negotiations then Court proceedings will be necessary.

Clinical Negligence cases can be very expensive, because of the number of specialists and the detailed work required. Our Funding page will give you the information you need in relation to how medical negligence claims are paid for.