Cancer Claims

Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

cancer misdiagnosis cliams | Cancer ClaimsOur clinical negligence solicitors and litigation lawyers have settled many cancer misdiagnosis claims.

Our clinical negligence solicitors and lawyers have considerable experience in dealing with cases involving all types of cancer. The cancer claims often involve a delay in diagnosis when, for example, a General Practitioner has delayed in referring for investigation, or a hospital doctor has failed to perform a necessary test such as a scan. Some cases involve misreporting of scans, smears or biopsies

We realise that you or a family member may be coming to terms with the diagnosis of cancer, or that you may have lost a loved one and have concerns about their treatment. Our experience in cancer claims means that we are able to offer you support and understanding, as well as the best legal advice.

We have a number of cases involving cancer claims within the department at any one time, including breast cancer, bowel cancer, liver cancer, melanoma, brain tumour, bladder cancer, bone cancer, cervical cancer, and cancer misdiagnosis claims, amongst others.