Sexual Abuse Claims

Sexual Abuse Claims

sexual abuse claims | Sexual abuse compensationWith a growing awareness of the occurrence of sexual and physical abuse both within the family and in care homes, compensation claims for the abuse have been on the increase. Whether you have been abused as a child or as an adult and whether the abuse was sexual, physical or both, it may be possible to claim compensation.

At Pryers we understand the difficulties you may have in talking about the abuse, especially if you are disclosing the abuse for the first time. We are sensitive to the many fears and anxieties you may have about making such a claim.

Our solicitors deal with all types of child, physical and sexual abuse claims including:

At the outset of your case we will explain the legal process to you and aim to give you a realistic picture of what you may achieve and the likely outcome of your claim.

In addition to the information and evidence that will be gathered by your solicitor in support of your claim, medical evidence is also needed to confirm the nature and extent of the injuries that have been sustained. Usually the claim will be for psychiatric or psychological damage caused as a result of the abuse. We will arrange for an appropriately qualified medical expert. At Pryers we have access to both a number of male and female medical experts who are experienced in conducting assessment and preparing reports in these highly sensitive cases.

Compensation may be awarded for the abuse or assault itself, for the psychological or psychiatric damage caused, the cost of any therapy or treatments recommended by the medical expert and occasionally loss of earnings.

Understandably, many individuals are concerned about having to attend court. The vast majority of civil claims for compensation, however, successfully conclude before trial. In respect of claims brought against an organisation or local authority, even if the matter did proceed to a trial, it is highly unlikely the abuser would be present at the hearing.

At Pryers we do encourage any individual looking to pursue a compensation claim in respect of sexual or physical abuse to report the incidents to the police. All police forces throughout England and Wales have specialist units to deal with such complaints and we are able to make the initial contact with the relevant police force on your behalf.

The outcome of any criminal proceedings will, of course, be relevant and if there is a criminal conviction this will assist any claim for compensation. At the same time, however, the lack of a successful prosecution will not necessarily prevent a claim being brought.

It is important to act quickly if you wish to bring a claim. Even if the abuse occurred many years ago, a claim may still be possible , but there are time limits that apply. It is therefore important that legal advice is sought as early as possible if you wish to consider bringing a claim for compensation.